Hokey Pokey is legendary. With its cool, smooth vanilla and crunchy hokey pokey pieces, it’s as close to being the perfect ice cream as possible. There’s no way anyone would be bold enough to try and reinvent it, is there?

Ah well, yes there is. Us.

Because while Hokey Pokey is a classic, why not give it a makeover? Why not create a whole family of Hokey Pokey wonderfulness? Why not give ice cream lovers some Hokey Pokey choices? Why not indeed.

So we played, we experimented and we tinkered. We weren’t looking to replace the original, but to complement it, so we set out to find flavours that would stand up to the challenge, and be worthy of the Hokey Pokey legend. And at last we’re proud to announce those flavours have been found.

Ladies and gentlemen, lick your lips for delicious CHILLI CHOCOLATE and mouth-watering BANANA & BURNT CARAMEL. These limited edition ice creams are modern, sophisticated and as deliciously moreish as the original.

The old classic has been given a makeover, but only until December 31st or while stocks last!!! So get down to your nearest parlour and experience it before it runs out. Years from now, when people talk about the biggest Hokey Pokey makeover in the history of ever, you can say “I was there”.